Oh, how I love to see this blogs traffic graph reach for the skies. At this moment, a bunch of Farkistanis (or whatever theyre called) are pointing their browsers thisaway. No surprise, its my Jill Wagner, The Mercury Girl post thats bringing in the hordes.

Id love to know just exactly what the topic du jour is thats citing the popular car commercial spokeswoman. Unfortunately, I cant tell, because the referring link is actually on TotalFark, which is a restricted registration-only zone.

So Im left to wonder what those Web hipsters are yammering about. On the off-chance that any of those visitors should find their way here, please give me the lowdown. Thanks.

And if youre looking for a more timely bit of televised commercial trivia, may I recommend the weirdo Milky Way Panda Bear spot and/or the kitschy Old Navy Clap! Shake! Jump! retromercial. Both mondo popular with the visitors here.


Nothing like going grocery shopping and coming across a DVD of The Falcon and the Snowman in a bargain bin. Five bucks later, its sitting on my coffee table for future viewing one late night.

Believable political/espionage thrillers are rare, and I have little patience for hokey or stylized ones. Falcon is one of the rarities, no doubt aided by its basis in actual events. It managed to capture Cold War tensions and the gritty political/cultural landscape of the mid-1970s almost perfectly. The performances, led by Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn, brought the whole thing home.

I dont buy many DVDs, but I couldnt resist this one. Despite the lack of extra features on this disc, its well worth the space itll take up on the shelf.

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