Well, Ive been on break for long enough. Its time to reenter the workforce what the hell.

So this Monday, Ill be doing just that. Im heading into a for-real office to do some for-real payroll work.

More than anything, Im glad to just be occupied. Its been great moving back to New York, and exploring/reacquainting myself with the area. But Ive found that long-term idleness is actually quite draining. Theres only so much nothing you can pack into a day; after a while, its mind-numbingly boring.

The money will be good Im not broke, but the cash reserve is certainly decreasing but itll be better just to get out of the house and be productive. The only downside: Having to wear a shirt and tie regularly, for the first time in years (Id gotten well-accustomed to Floridas all-week business casual garb). Oh, and I guess having to shave every day will be something of a drag; but discipline!

No need to divulge too much just yet, because its technically a temporary assignment, currently slated for three months. But the interview went so well they hired me next day, bypassing other candidates that theyre already talking about putting me in the permanent rotation. Even if that doesnt work out, I can keep looking for other gigs in the meantime.

I will say this: Its not in publishing. It is in corporate marketing and Internet media. And it looks to keep my wordsmithing ways really busy for the next several weeks. I should be able to squeeze in the usual amount of blogging at the same time.


Stealth partying has reached its apogee with event-planned house parties, staged undercover-style in warehouse lofts throughout the five boroughs.

I have yet to score an invite to one of these illicit pajamy-jams yet representing a perhaps too-hopeful assumption. Im not about to go trolling through Craigslists events listing to discover one. But if anyone has the insider scoop, clue me in.

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